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Alternative Uses of Time in School

This issue examines alternative uses of time in school. Coverage includes a look at school districts that adopted later start times for high schools, trimesters, expanded use of the school day and four-day school weeks.
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The Potential (and Pitfalls) of Big Data

This issue of looks at evidence-based decisions for managing K-12 education. Coverage examines what one outspoken superintendent in Texas calls the “pseudo-analytics” of year-end data, overcoming misinformation in education and a Maryland school district that uses the data it collects to motivate staff and improve classroom instruction.
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150th Anniversary of AASA

This expanded issue celebrates the occasion of the 150th anniversary of AASA’s founding. This issue captures AASA’s distinguished and distinctive past in words and images, including feature stories on AASA’s origins, conferences and networking, federal advocacy, communications and publications, sponsored initiatives, a historical timeline and more.
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Rethinking Doctorates

This issue examines superintendent preparation. Coverage includes advice on choosing a doctoral program in educational administration, AASA’s Superintendent Certification Program and the single-district doctoral dissertation.
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Bridging Tech Studies and Academics

This issue examines approaches to integrating academic instruction and vocational studies. Coverage looks at youth apprenticeships around the country, career academies within school districts that prepare students for college and career, and a district that matches its career and technical education to the needs of the local labor market.
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Librarian as Digital Maven

This issue examines the new roles for school libraries in the digital transformation in school districts. Coverage looks at the importance of school media centers, the role of teacher librarians as digital mavens and a rural district that has launched a one-to-one initiative. Mark Edwards, superintendent in Mooresville, N.C., contributed the lead article on second-order leadership.
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Bursting Test Bubbles

This issue examines assessments under the Common Core standards. Coverage looks at the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments; the likelihood of initial performance drops in a district’s test results; and a rural Illinois district that has recalibrated its local assessment system.
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Are Sports Eclipsing Academics?

This issue examines the unique place of scholastic athletics in K-12 education. Coverage looks at right-sizing high school sports in line with education systems globally, concussion instruction for students and the marginalization of physical education.
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School Administrator is AASA's award-winning monthly magazine. It is delivered to every public school superintendent in the United States who is an AASA member and others at the cabinet-level. It provides big-picture perspectives and collegial discussions on a broad range of topics in education, leadership, instructional materials and resources unique to the education community. Jay Goldman, editor.
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Superintendent Turnover

This issue examines the high price of superintendent turnover. Stories focus on challenging school board relationships, planning for a successful transition and advice for becoming an adaptively authentic leader. The profile subject is Donald T. Haddad, superintendent of St. Vrain Valley Schools in Longmont, Colo.
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Personalized Learning

This issue looks at what’s required when schools connect teaching and learning to students’ interests. Coverage examines personalized education on the school system level, student-designed programs that yield real-world learning and a Washington school district’s experience addressing the digital divide.
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Creativity and the Arts

This issue looks at arts instruction and creativity in K-12 schooling. Coverage examines the assessment of arts teaching and the move from STEM to STEAM and plus a Q&A with Sir Ken Robinson, whose latest book is Creative Schools.


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