Self-Care Expert Forum

Join us for an authentic conversation on self-care as part of the Live Well. Lead Well.  Discussion Series hosted by AASA President, Paul Imhoff.

As you know, you cannot lead if you are not well.  Taking care of yourself is essential to care for your staff and students. For the inaugural Discussion Forum, our expert panelist will be Mark Greenberg, Ph.D., founding board member of CASEL and chair of CREATE, and our superintendent practitioner is Kristine Gilmore of D.C. Everest Area School District in Wisconsin.  Our panel will discuss the impact of stress, the importance of your support network, the significance of your sleep pattern, plus the value of practicing kindness and gratitude.

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About the Live Well. Lead Well. Discussion Series:
Each month AASA President, Paul Imhoff, will host a discussion series focusing on self-care, student care and staff care, plus leadership change and bringing communities back together.

For each discussion topic, there will be an hour-long Expert Forum where you will hear from an expert in the field plus a superintendent practitioner.  In the month following the expert forum, join us for an hour-long Guided Workshop consisting of a short introduction of the topic followed by small group sharing in breakout rooms.

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1/25/2022 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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