2016 AASA, NJASA, FEA Women's Leadership Conference

March 9, 2016
FEA Conference Center, Monroe, NJ

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Taking Action to Improve Ineffective Instructional Leadership
            Lance Dempsey, Principal, Northwest High School, Montgomery County Public Schools
            Debra Munk, Director of High Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools

2016 NJPSA Legislative Conference
            Laws of the 216th Legislative Session Impacting Education, Students, School Leaders, and Schools

NJ Pension Constitutional Amendment

A Confidential Discussion on the Pension Constitutional Amendment

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): Overview and Implications for New Jersey
           Peter Shulman and Jill Hulnick
           Deputy Commissioner and  Deputy Chief Talent and Performance Officer

2016 AASA, NJASA, FEA Women's Leadership Conference
           Sasha Pudelski, Assistant Director, Policy & Advocacy

Managing the Administrative Shortage
           Anne Mucci, Ed.D., Superintendent, Mountain Lakes School District

Every Student. Every day.

Mindfulness 101 for the Over scheduled and Overbooked Education Leader

Breaking Gender Roles To Promote Egalitarianism
           Kimberly Clark, Ed. D.

Slowing Down the See Saw: Seven Strategies for Living a Harmonius Life
          Kimberly Shaver-Hood, Superintendent of Schools, Wareham Public Schools (WPS), Wareham, MA
          Maureen Manning, Director of Beyond School Time~ Communications & Global Education, WPS

          Jane Collins-Fondulis, Director of Beyond School Time~ Academic and Enrichment Support Services, WPS

How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

The Role of Stress on the Health of the Female Superintendent 
         Kerry Robinson, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Building the Perception of A Brighter Future Through Strategic Branding