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School Administrator, October 2022

“[S]pend time developing clarifying messages about anything you know will be controversial and then undertake an information campaign which is implemented in conjunction with district’s decision being communicated or board actions taking place. The idea is to preempt issues you anticipate arising from the decision or action and flood social media, traditional media, and other potential sources with the accurate information before alternative communications can occur.”

From “Leading in a Sensational World” by Howard C. Carlson, executive administrator, Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council and AZ Educational Management Council, Avondale, Ariz., on his blog Accelerated Leadership Wisdom
“The key to this activity is being brutally honest with yourself on the differences between your intentions and your behavior. We judge ourselves based on intent, others on performance. Use this activity to tell yourself the truth of where you are at so you can mentally chart your path forward to start next year.”

From “Behavior Never Lies” by PJ Caposey, superintendent, Meridian School District 223, Stillman Valley, Ill., on his blog Innovating Education One Day at a Time
“Frankly, there are oftentimes a lot of really good ideas proposed during the legislative session by legislators of all parties and persuasions! The trouble comes when these ideas become law without regard to costs associated with the implementation of them.”

From “Setting Legislative Priorities” by Anthony D. Voss, superintendent, Hudson Community School District, Hudson, Iowa, on his blog Education in Iowa Public Schools
“The fact of the matter is that it is our job to teach kids to think critically, not to teach them what to think. Attempts to limit the truth that we can share concerning the atrocities of our country’s past will only ensure that they continue. … We need to support our students as they read all of the sides and think for themselves.”

From “When We Know Better … “ by Patrick Larkin, assistant superintendent, Burlington Public Schools, Burlington, Mass., on his blog My Learning Journey

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