Building Whole-School, Team-Based Models
 School Administrator, March 2022

School systems that are ready to transition to Next Education Workforce models typically progress through four stages of transformation at each school.

»Exploring: System, school and teacher leaders learn more about Next Education Workforce models through information sessions, reviewing resources and school visits.

»Launching: A small number of Next Education Workforce teams are piloted in schools where there is high likelihood of early success.

»Expanding: Schools commit to moving toward whole-school Next Education Workforce models and add teams as readiness and resources permit. Early success inspires other schools in the system to explore and launch team-based models.

»Sustaining: Schools have Next Education Workforce teams schoolwide and further refine how they support students and educators. Team-based models begin to scale systemwide.

The work of building whole-school, team-based models is iterative. Absolute commitment from both building-level and system-level leaders ensures that educators have the support and trust required to measurably improve upon the normative one-teacher, one-classroom model of schooling.