Stephen Joel’s Writing Contributions
School Administrator, June 2022

During the 30-plus years he’s served as a superintendent in three school districts in Kansas and Nebraska, Stephen Joel has contributed several important and memorable articles to School Administrator magazine. These include the following:

»“What We Learned in Rebuilding Our Offices,” October 2012. Rebirth of the school district’s central administration building, destroyed by fire.

»“My Obligations During an Immigration Crackdown,” November 2007. Protecting children in the aftermath of a federal immigration raid on a meatpacking plant in the community.

»“Protecting Immigrant Children,” September 2011. A series of portrayals of courageous acts by superintendents over the years.

»“Off the Bandwagon in Nebraska: A Local View,” December 2001. Dealing with school accountability during a period of hostile relations with state education authorities.