Books by Jon Gordon
School Administrator, September 2021

Several of Jon Gordon’s books have important applications for school leaders. This is what I have seen during my superintendent tenure as the relevancy in four of his works.

»The Power of Positive Leadership (2017). 

I had grand intentions from pulling my interview questions from several of my favorite Jon Gordon books, until I reopened this one and almost every page was marked from my previous reading. If you’re looking for a book on culture, vision, team building and leading a system to excellence, this is my recommended go-to book.

»The Energy Bus (2007). 

The subtitle reads 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy, and this book does exactly that. The Energy Bus is an easy, fantastic read that engages readers in a story that will ultimately lead to powerful truths about leadership. As leaders, we often discover morale can be incredibly challenging. This book gets at the core of those issues in a completely disarming way.

»You Win in the Locker Room First (2015). 

Written with former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith, this book focuses on the elements most important to building a winning team. Framed with the 7 C’s, the book looks at culture, how to be contagious in your leadership, consistency, communication, connection, commitment and caring.

»Stick Together: A Simple Lesson to Build a Stronger Team (2021). 

In his latest book, Gordon shares a story about a basketball coach determined to build a stronger team. While a quick and easy read, it digs into the power of belief, connection, hope and teamwork. Whether read by your executive team or a middle school sports team, this book fosters deep conversation about what helps and hurts our team’s performance.