Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, November 2019

“Part of the challenge today is that our work is with us 24/7 in the form of our smartphones. And while those phones are wonderful in many ways, they are also a distraction. Every time we look away from the person with whom we are talking to look at our phones, we are not fully in the moment.”

From “Work-Life Balance” by Kimberly Pietsch Miller (superintendent, Bexley City Schools, Bexley, Ohio) on her Superintendent’s Blog

“The time to prepare for negotiations is not when the current contract enters the final year; it starts the day after the current contract is ratified and stays open until you get back to the table!”

From “Preparing for Negotiations” by Louis Pepe (assistant superintendent, Summit Public Schools, Summit, N.J.) on his blog The Business of Education

“Involvement in extracurricular activities makes school more fun. If all our schools did was offer academic classes and homework, few people (including the teachers) would enjoy school. Being involved in outside activities provides a fun learning experience for students.”

From “Involvement Makes School Interesting” by Cindy Zahrte (superintendent, Tomah Area School District, Tomah, Wis.) on her Superintendent’s Blog

“How many times have we heard a person say, ‘I don’t do math’ or ‘I’m not good at math’ and walk away honestly believing those are acceptable statements? Would we look differently at an individual who made similar statements that involved reading or writing?”

From “Don’t Forget About Numeracy!” by Chris Smeaton (superintendent, Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada), on his Superintendent’s Blog

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