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School Administrator, May 2019

“My science training conditioned me to make order out of disorder — to put things into virtual ‘buckets’ of similarities. I am conditioned to align characteristics and form inter-relationships between things. Once something is in a bucket I prefer that it stays there and doesn’t move. Predictability brings me comfort.”

From “Change Can Be Difficult in Education — Well, We Need to Get Over That!” by Dave Eberwein (superintendent/CEO, School District 63, Saanichton, British Columbia) on his blog The Power of Why

“[I]t is unmistakable that we live in divisive times, and during these times public education frequently becomes the target of critics. Certainly, there is no institution without faults and our chosen profession is no different.”

From “A Tribute to Educators” by Michael Gill (superintendent, Hanover County Public Schools, Ashland, Va.) on his blog HCPS Superintendent’s Blog

“[M]ost kids and most adults appreciate routine and structure. When we miss days of school, or we go to school for partial days, that ‘rhythm’ is interrupted. ‘Consistent inconsistency’ makes for difficult planning as it relates to child care, work schedules … lesson planning, and a host of other really important things.”

From “Changes to 2018-2019 Master Calendar” by Chad Garber (superintendent, Williamsburg Community School District, Williamsburg, Iowa) on his blog The Raider Reader

“[W]e are often pressured by stakeholders and the media to implement the most recent educational fads. Yet, simplicity and clarity are key to success in an educational organization. In truth, we accomplish more when we focus on less, especially if our focus is on what is imperative.”

From “The Importance of Simplicity and Clarity” by Matthew Jennings (superintendent, Alexandria Township School District, Pittstown, N.J.) on his Superintendent Blog

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