New Post Created for Chief Equity Officer

Earlier this year, Roberto Padilla created a chief equity officer position for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District to support him in closing achievement gaps and eliminating disproportionate discipline practices. The chief of equity works with site administrators to address these needs.

The first educator to fill the new role begins with the start of the school year. The post reports to the superintendent.

The job description carries 27 duties and responsibilities under four groupings: equity and access; family and community engagement; restorative interventions for student empowerment; and extended school year program.

The particular duties include:

» chair the Newburgh Equity Team comprised of district staff and community stakeholders;

» review and assess district policies, practices and decisions for impact on equity and increase transparency on how district decisions and policies impact equity;

» monitor and enforce expectations in the district’s policy for equitable educational outcomes for all scholars;

» design and implement an equity report card to collect input, analyze data (qualitative and quantitative), monitor and report progress on identified indicators;

» coordinate with government agencies and community organizations to align equity efforts districtwide;

» serve as the district lead in helping families access the school system;

» actively monitor and evaluate restorative interventions;

» monitor suspension data to address any disproportionality in the district; and

» serve as lead coordinator and evaluator of all remedial and enrichment opportunities over the summer.