Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, September 2018

“Over the course of the last year we faced many challenges — some internally, some externally, but as a team we weathered them well. … We began work on a much needed stadium project and initiated serious conversation around our other facilities — we began to ask the questions we’ve needed to ask for many, many years.”

From “Always Live in Beta” by Michelle Saylor (superintendent, Bellefonte Area School District, Bellefonte, Pa.) on her blog For the Love of Learning

“Admittedly, the [education] system is by no means perfect. We are not nearly as inclusive as we ought to be, not nearly as innovative as we aspire to be, and not nearly as efficient as the public expects us to be. But we continue to work at it.”

From “Keeping the Public Confidence” by Kevin Godden (superintendent, Abbotsford School District, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada) on his blog The Triumph of Teamwork

“The achievement gap is almost always presented as a test-score based construct — where these kinds of kids score persistently higher than those kinds of kids. If we are honest, we don’t really need a test score to validate that those differences are real — that some of our students have massive advantages over others.”

From “A Provocation on Equity” by Jason Glass (superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools, Golden, Colo.) on his blog Advance Jeffco

“[W]e, as educators, are rule followers and by nature are compliant. If our boss asks us to attend a meeting, we will attend. If the presenter(s) talks at us for the entire meeting, we will sit quietly, sometimes taking notes. The outcome of meetings such as this is often continued compliance.”

From “Sit & Get … Compliance” by Amy Illingworth (directory of professional growth, Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Visa, Calif.) on her blog Reflections on Leadership and Learning

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