State of the Superintendency
Leave Accrual Upon Departure
School Administrator, October 2018

While this action is governed by statute in some states, many superintendents report monetizing their accrued leave upon departure from their position.

According to a recent AASA nationwide survey, payment made directly to the superintendent is more prevalent for vacation leave accrual than sick leave accrual, but relatively few superintendents are seeking to apply the accrued value to purchasing retirement credit, where applicable.

Slightly more than half of the responding superintendents report the calculation of the value of the vacation leave accrual was established through their contracts at a daily rate while slightly less than a third of respondents report payment for sick leave accrual at a daily rate.

SOURCE: “2017-18 AASA Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” by Leslie A. Finnan and Robert S. McCord. The full report is available at