Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, November 2018

“It takes courage to have collaboration about effective goal setting and feedback, collaboration about parent communication, the safety of our schools, and our professional collegiality.”

From “Courage” by Marlene Johnson (superintendent, Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools, Le Sueur, Minn.) on her blog Small Towns ... Giant Opportunities ... District of Choice

“The word collaboration hadn’t entered the K-12 education lexicon in the 1950s … though it was a term used mostly disparagingly, often to describe persons plotting for one reason or another. … It’s time has since come. Collaboration is the polar opposite of isolation, probably the most dominant of organizational traits in education.”

From “Collaboration Isn’t a Buzzword” by Allan J. Mucerino (superintendent, Duarte Unified School District, Duarte, Calif.) on his eponymous blog

“Personalization of education for each child is easier said than done. … Many adults won’t try it for themselves, out of fear.”

From “The Harvest” by Kirk Koennecke (superintendent, Graham Local Schools, Saint Paris, Ohio) on his blog Planting Seeds @ Graham: From Transition to Culture Building

“Thomas Jefferson, a leader with political enemies and opposition throughout his career of public service, knew to ‘press pause’ before responding to the events of his time. From decisions about the revolution, to the historic battle for the presidency in 1800, the wisdom to think first, act with intentionality, and be disciplined in behavior served this Founding Father well.”

From “When Angry, Count to Ten Before You Speak” by John Marschhausen (superintendent, Hilliard City Schools, Columbus, Ohio) on his blog Life in Focus

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