Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, August 2018

“Great teachers embrace that shapeless clay and masterfully plan an agenda for learning that includes enticing experiences, but challenging at the same time, thereby molding the clay into a unique treasure.”

From “In Appreciation for Our Purple Cows” by James Walsh (superintendent, Burgettstown, Pa.) on his Superintendent’s Blog

“Levies’ results are portrayed historically as the ‘voice of the community.’ What they are, in reality, is the thermometer used to take our temperature. A healthy majority sends a signal about the strength and health. … A failed levy vote is another reading altogether, and the temperature should concern the entirety of the community.”

From “May 9: The Day of the Falcon” by Kirk Koennecke (superintendent, Graham Local Schools, Saint Paris, Ohio) on his blog Planting Seeds @ Graham: From Transition to Culture Building

“There are also urban legends among teachers who believe that community members will criticize schools and individual teachers who throw anything out that was purchased with taxpayer money. Stories about members of the community dumpster diving to find items of value among the garbage lead some to believe that nothing should be thrown away.”

From “Clutter” by Judy Paolucci (superintendent, Smithfield, R.I.) on her blog Super Scoop

“The struggle is not because inquiry is a wrong form of teaching but because well, my mind is made up and don’t ask me to think about why my mind is made up. It is too scary and lonely.”

From “Toothbrushes and Truth Tellers” by Tamara J. Uselman (superintendent, Bismarck, N.D.) on her eponymous blog

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