Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, September 2017

“As students and staff entered the high school this morning, they were greeted with individualized ‘post-it’ notes with different messages for each and every student. This has been a tradition that has gone on for a few years here and credit goes to our Respect and Responsibility Club.…”

From “What’s in a ‘Post-It?’” by Christopher Brown (superintendent, West Genesee Central Schools, Camillus, N.Y.) on his blog Notes From the Superintendent

“Many experts have noted the negatives of too much time spent looking at screens — and I don’t disagree with them. However … how can we effectively manage the time children spend on looking at screens?”

From “Screen Time … How Much Is Too Much?” by Scot Graden (superintendent, Saline, Mich.) on his blog My Words on Things I Think About

“I worry that Americans today have forgotten what past generations and what people like my parents knew so well. Do we still believe that the promise of public education is at the heart of our strength as a nation? … But our country is at a pivotal point. Decisions we make today will determine the fate of public education in the future.”

From “My Parents Believed in the Promise of Public Education. Do You?” by Theresa Alban (superintendent, Frederick County, Md.) on her blog Off the Cuff with Dr. Theresa Alban

“Learner-centered leaders, through engaging stakeholders, have to learn to give up ­control to others. Building ­relationships requires vulnerability and an ­openness to letting ideas come from within the organization …. Learner-centered leaders do not have all the answers.”

From “Learner-Centered Leaders Engage the Voice of the Learner [#ShiftYourParadigm]” by Randy Ziegenfuss (superintendent, Salisbury Township, Pa.) on his blog Working at the Edge

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