Once Discovered, Underrepresented Students Have Much to Share

In the Equal Opportunity Schools’ program to close the equity gap in advanced course taking in high school, students are surveyed about their experiences.

The comments below, by students of color and low-income students, address their experiences in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.

» A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN EVERETT, WASH.: “I think AP classes are such a great experience … [Y]ou learn to use your time wisely, you learn … self-discipline and most of all you learn to push yourself to your limits and actually learn your limits.”

» A SENIOR AT GLENBARD SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL IN GLENBARD TOWNSHIP, ILL.: “… Upperclassmen … said there was loads of homework and it was impossible to get a grade above a B. These descriptions and their attitudes toward the class intimidated me. Once I began taking the class, I was overwhelmed … but soon I began managing my time so that I got the homework or projects done on time.”

» A STUDENT AT CAPITOL HILL HIGH SCHOOL IN OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA.: “Before I started AP, I never imagined myself being in an AP class. I worried about not being smart enough to be in an AP class. … After I got comfortable with being in the class and talking to the other students I realized that most of them are experiencing the same thing as I am.”