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School Administrator, August 2017

“How are Cubans able to maintain one of the highest literacy levels in the world? What (if anything) can we learn from the Cuban educational system? … [T]he responses to these questions are complicated.”

From “A Look at Cuba’s Education System” by Gladys Cruz (district superintendent, Questar III BOCES, Castleton, N.Y.) on her blog A Message From Gladys Cruz

“Administrators often encourage strong teachers … to become administrators. That is often the only leadership option for many teachers. But not all teachers want to leave their classroom full-time, and we shouldn’t want all strong teacher leaders to leave teaching positions.”

From “Building Teacher Leadership Capacity” by Amy Illingworth (director of professional growth, Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista, Calif.) on her blog Reflections on Leadership and Learning

“[T]here is nothing wrong (and often everything right) with questioning, ‘Why do we do it this way?’ In fact, we grow in our profession by asking this very question.”

From “Why Do We Do It This Way?” by Michael Gill (superintendent, Hanover County Public Schools, Ashland, Va.) on his blog HCPS Superintendent’s Blog

“I’ve taken an approach to provide activities for my leadership team each month that require reflection around norms we have developed together. When leaders have to reflect and then write or share out their thoughts, I see how truly tough their job is.”

From “Planting Seeds Part 9: Focus for Growth” by Kirk Koennecke (superintendent, Graham Local Schools, Saint Paris, Ohio) on his blog Planting Seeds @ Graham: From Transition to Culture Building

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