Best of the Blogs
School Administrator, April 2017

“I have become more intentional about reading books. I snatch minutes before I go to sleep. I read while I wait. … Reading books gives me perspective and ideas. Reading books connects me to people who may be different than I am. Reading books helps me slow down and think.”

From “Read books: It’s important” by Steve Matthews (superintendent, Novi, Mich.) on his blog The Superintendent’s Chair

“For students, studies have shown that moving away from class rank creates a more collaborative environment for students and more students will challenge higher level courses because the result will not impact their rank.”

From “SWANSONG” by Christopher Brown (superintendent, West Genesee Central Schools, Camillus, N.Y.) on his blog Notes from the Superintendent

“The larger purposes are to prepare all children to contribute to society by not only having the ability to be productive but in a larger sense, to be able to question and challenge those forces that are hell-bent on suppressing thought and keeping the lower classes in check.”

From “The Battle for Education Reform is Heating Up: But what is the purpose of education?” by David Britten (superintendent, Godfrey-Lee Public Schools, Wyoming, Mich.) on his blog Rebel 6 Ramblings

“For 35 years I wore eyeglasses to correct my vision … I could still ‘see’ without glasses, but my ‘vision’ was distorted. With a distorted vision, I was not able to fully ‘see’ or take in the world.”

From “Vision — Change — Growth” by Michael Lubelfeld (superintendent, Deerfield, Ill.) on his blog Superintendent’s Office DPS109

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