What does an AASA Membership get you?

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Up to $20,000 in legal support available to AASA members

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Print and digital issues of this award-winning magazine

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Certification, consortiums and other professional learning programs

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AASA represents your voice and policy positions at the national level. AASA reports news, research and analysis of federal legislation that impacts student achievement.

AASA Member Insurance Program: As an Active member of AASA and a W-2 employed administrator, you automatically receive $1 million in professional liability insurance plus legal assistance benefits. You can also increase your coverage for a nominal charge. 

AASA synthesizes news and research to give school leaders timely and useful information, through the School Administrator magazine, e-newsletters, toolkits and research studies.

Executive Consultants:
AASA has a set of education consultants available to provide team development and training.  
Children's Programs:
AASA champions efforts to improve the lives of children in public schools.

Leadership Development:
AASA provides broad based conferences and workshops, including the National Conference on Education, the Summer Leadership Institute and the Legislative Advocacy Conference, and individualized training workshops.

AASA School Solutions Center:
A guide to the best cost-containment solutions providing tools and information that leaders can use to reduce costs and improve services in school systems.





School Superintendents can show their respective communities how much they're trying to save money by working with AASA's School Solutions Center.

What's Included with Membership?

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